Buying and investing in property is always a big undertaking and it's important to seek the advice of professionals, particularly if you're buying in a new area or one you are not very familiar with. At Golden Triangle Real Estate, we not only share with you our extensive knowledge about buying property, but also our experiences in the Algarve area and community. Below are some of our most frequently asked questions about buying in the Algarve:

How can I learn more about a property?

At Golden Triangle Real Estate, most of our listed properties are exclusive to us, so if you've seen a property you're interested in, simply get in touch and we’ll be able to tell you all about it. If you'd like to learn more about one of our luxury Algarve apartments or villas, simply click on that property's link and then click the "Make an enquiry" button to send us a message. One of our friendly team members will soon be in touch to answer your enquiry and if you feel this could be the property for you, you can ask to organise a viewing.

Is the buying process difficult?

The buying process in Portugal can be different from that with which you are familiar depending on your nationality, but in our experience, any potential difficulties you may experience are not insurmountable. To buy property in Portugal, you must first have the right to live there. If you are a citizen of the EU this is not an issue. And now thanks to the Golden Visa programme, it is not an issue for those from outside the EU area either.

If you're not a citizen of the EU or the Schengen area, you can now buy property through the ‘Golden Visa’ arrangement with potentially highly attractive tax incentives.

We highly recommend engaging with an advogado to help you throughout the buying process. Similar to a solicitor in the UK, an advogado will help you ensure you fill out all the necessary forms and apply for the necessary permits in order to purchase property in Portugal.

Why should I choose Golden Triangle Real Estate?

We offer more than our competitors can - our extensive experience in both the Algarve and the luxury property market. Not only will you not find out properties anywhere else, but you also won't find a real estate agency with as much knowledge of this increasingly popular market. We're ready to share this knowledge with you and make sure that the buying process is a simple and positive experience throughout the entire process.

Because, quite simply, we offer more than our competitors can. Not only do we have extensive and personal experience of buying property in the Algarve and relocating here, we have extensive experience in the luxury property market, both in the sales area as well as the buying as investment and holiday rental area. We are experts in the whole before, during and after story of property in the Algarve.

How do I get in touch?

We're always happy to hear from new and interested property-hunters... so get in touch with us now!

Email: team@goldentrianglerealestate.co.uk

We love the Algarve area and aim to make buying and renting here an easy and lucrative experience for as many people as we can. If there's anything you can't find already mentioned on our site, or you'd like to find out more about one of our listed luxury properties, please do not hesitate to give us a shout. There are no silly questions and we are ready and waiting to begin the exciting process of property hunting with you!

We are local experts. We have 16 years experience in the sale/rental of over 500 luxury villas and luxury apartments in the area - we know the market inside out.

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