Buying a Holiday Rental Property in the Algarve

The beautiful southern Portuguese region of the Algarve is home to some of the world's most stunning beaches and golf courses. Specifically within the Algarve’s ‘Golden Triangle’ we are spoilt with over 5 of Europe’s best golf courses, 6 of Europe’s best beaches and an infinite number of exceptional international restaurants.  It is no wonder that the Algarve’s Golden Triangle is Europe’s most rated holiday destination for celebrities, sports stars and the uber rich. It’s no surprise that both Portugal’s best beach and best resort for 2014 are in the Algarve! (as voted by Todays Golfer).

Given the region’s desirability, it is easy to understand why rental yields on holiday apartments or luxury villas in the Algarve are amongst the highest in the world.

On top of this, the Algarve’s all year round climate and regular routes from the UK and rest of Europe mean that you can rent your property not just in the summer months but all year round.

With demand for luxury property in the Algarve now on the rise, there couldn't be a better time to buy in this intriguingly beautiful region, and the benefits of buying to rent could be life changing.

Due to its location, climate, celebrity endorsement & facilities Algarve provides some of the best rental incomes in Portugal. The gross returns vary from Villas to Apartments and the location of the property. Generally it can vary from 6% to 9%. The year round sunshine in the Algarve means the properties can be rented throughout the year.

Buying Property in Portugal

Though at first glance, buying or investing in property in Portugal may seem difficult  you'll probably find that the legal procedure is really not much different from buying property in your home country – in fact in our experience it is easier. As in all cases of purchasing property, it's highly recommended that you engage with an advogado, which is the Portuguese equivalent of a solicitor. In the Algarve’s Golden Triangle they all speak fluent English and are well accustomed to facilitating purchases among parties of different nationalities.

See Before You Buy a Property in the Algarve for more details.

Ready to Rent? Golden Triangle Real Estate can help.

Over 50% of people currently buying property in the Algarve’s Golden Triangle region are looking for a great investment property with strong capital appreciation prospects, which can also be rented out for short term holiday let’s to generate an income source.

During your property selection process we can help advise you on all aspects of the property including likely annual costs to run and potential rental income. The reason we can do this is that we have over 6 years experience in the rental of over 250 luxury villas and luxury apartments in the Golden Triangle area – we know the rental market inside out. With our advice, you can have complete confidence in the process and owning your own property in the Algarve will be profitable and hassle free.

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We are local experts. We have 16 years experience in the sale/rental of over 500 luxury villas and luxury apartments in the area - we know the market inside out.

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