Holiday With Us!

Before you buy a luxury property in the Algarve why not holiday in one?

We work closely with a partner company specialising in holiday rentals of luxury villas with pools and apartment in the Golden Triangle. This can be the perfect opportunity to explore area before investing here. You can explore the region in a relaxed way and find out the area & type of accommodation which would be most suitable for you & your family.

What Type of Holiday would be best?

If this if your first visit to the Algarve, it might seem bigger than you initially realised. There are many different resorts and areas to visit, depending on what type of holiday you're looking for. You can choose from award winning beaches & golf clubs, water sports, tennis academies, protected nature reserves to tucked away properties which open on to the beach!

Have a chat with one of our friendly Golden Triangle Real Estate team members now to discuss your next holiday to the Algarve and they'll be sure to suggest places to go, things to see and restaurants, cafes and bars to eat and drink at. If you're not sure of which resort you'd like to stay at, we can make a few recommendations of our own.

Things to do in the Algarve?

There is plenty to do in the Algarve - so much that you might even be tempted to extend your trip! With some of the best golf courses in Europe on offer, plus tennis courts, a multitude of water sports and more, there are plenty of action-packed activities to be found. And if it's relaxation you're after, you'll find endless beaches to perfect your tan. Spas and shopping are also plentiful... and it's important to dedicate much time to eating and drinking, what will all of the delicious restaurants, cafes and bars to be found.

Is a trip to the Algarve starting to sound like your dream holiday? Get in touch with our team now at Golden Triangle Real Estate to plan out your next trip.

We are local experts. We have 16 years experience in the sale/rental of over 500 luxury villas and luxury apartments in the area - we know the market inside out.

Explore the Golden Triangle

There's no doubt about it - if you're looking for the ultimate holiday home or luxury property to rent out, there's no better location..